Friday, May 6, 2016

Reservations HERE - 10th Annual Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

10th Annual Memorial weekend Camping Trip

Camping, swimming, music, fishing and more

There are bathrooms.

Family friendly...bring ur kids etc.

$50/person (site is $15/night..2 tents per site)
Includes food!
If u dont have a tent, let us know we have room in tents available to share.

Great motorcycle roads!

If you dont know how to behave like a mature adult then dont come.

Pay Now to reserve your camping space 

How Many Nights


  1. Tent & Sleeping Bag (some peope have extra space in their tents, if you need to share with someone please make arrangements via the Facebook group and let us know you need a place to sleep.
  2. Fishing Gear (if you plan to fish, make sure you have a valid fishing license - you can get them cheap at walmart... Poles and such are always good to have, but we usually have extra..however must pay for your own bait - theres a bait shop near our site with cheap bait)
  3. Swimming Clothes
  4. Warm Clothes (it can get cold sometimes at night)
  5. Toothbrush etc (there is a bathroom on site, and it has outlets as well for charging phones)
  6. Extra Money for snacks and food.  We all chip in together on food and drinks/beer/pop
  7. Instruments (anything that doesnt need plugged in - guitar, bongos etc)
  8. Good Attitudes

If you ride a motorcycle and need your equipment to be driven up, please contact us via Facebook page and we can arrange for one of the vehicles going up to take your stuff for you! (the roads are great for motorcycle riding!)