Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cleveland Film Casting

Dec 1-Dec 6th I need Lots of BG! If you are interested please submit, you may submit the role you are interested I have listed some below but I will place you where I feel best fit. i will try and accommodate what you want if I can and if it fits. Dec 3rd and 4th there are kids spots available 9-15year and 3-5year old. One featured 14 year old boy.

I also need lots and lots of cars the first week, they should be 1991-2002 no red or white no logos. If you are traveling I can probably book you multiple days one day driving one day not.

Some BG Roles: Patrons, Pedestrians, Paramedic, customers, News Crew, Police, Attorneys, media, parents of kids in park, Vigil Walkers, ect….

Please submit in the following way. Send Email to

Subject: Date or dates available, part you would like
Email Message: Picture, name, phone, dates available again, age if you are under 18

Please follow instructions. PLEASE keep questions to a minimum.

This is for the film “Cleveland Abduction” name changed from “Missing in Cleveland” filming in Cleveland.