Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Jake Gyllenhaal Movie Casting Extras Ahead Of Filming THIS SATURDAY

Open Call for Extras to work in Pittsburgh, PA. scenes in early July to early August.
Men & Women age 18+, all types & ethnicities.
Time: 10am to 3pm
Location: Monroeville Convention Center
209 Mall Plaza Blvd., Monroeville, PA 15146
Please use South Hall Entrance.
If you cannot attend the open call - please download our casting form HEREFill it out, attach a RECENT photo and follow the instructions to email or mail in.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When The City Sleeps - CASTING


(More to cast at a later date)

MALE FIGHTER #1 (principle role) - Age Range: 20-30
      Description: Fights KEVIN HANNIGAN to the death.
      Type: Built, 6ft or bigger, Atheltic Build, Caucasian or Asian

MALE FIGHTER (principle role) Age Range: 20-30
      Description: Fights KEVIN HANNIGAN to the death.
      Type: Thug, 5ft to 6ft, Slim Build, African or dark skinned

2 FEMALE FIGHTERS (principle roles) Age Range: 18-25
      Description: Fights another female In a death match
      Type: Fit, Average height, Caucasian

GANG MEMBER (principle role) Age Range: 17-25
      Description: Attacks KEVIN HANNIGAN and attempts to Rape ASHLEY HANNIGAN
                           Gets killed.
      Type: Arrogant, Tall, Slim Build,

POLICE OFFICER (principle role) Age Range: 25-35
      Description: General officer, police force involved in illegal fighting.
      Type: General build, Average Height

TEEN CRIMINAL (principle role) Age Range: 16-20
      Description: Robs store, Runs from Police.
      Type: General build, Average Height

AND About 20 extras

INFORMATION ON WHEN AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD will be posted on this blog (subscribe to the blog using the subscribe box on the top right of page)

How To Become A Model - Exel Management


1 Take care of yourself! Features indicative of good health are a must. Eat and drink healthy foods and beverages, work out, take care of your outer appearance (and inner peace of mind), and look good in clothes. It's a simple equation, but it's harder than you might think to execute.

  • Focus on keeping your skin clear and glowing. Wash your face in the morning and at night, exfoliate once a week, and remember to wash your makeup off before you go to sleep. 
  • Shiny and healthy hair is important. Some agencies and Managers prefer the "natural greasy look" so if you prefer to minimally shower that is okay too. 
  • Fitness is important. Consider working with a trainer who works specifically with models. Tell them your modeling goals and how you want to look. Tell them how you feel and your opinions. 
  • Eat right. Contrary to what some people tell you, you should eat healthy foods, as well as healthy amounts of food. Veggies, fruits, whole grains, and proteins should make up the basics of your diet. Sugars, starches, empty carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats should be avoided as much as possible. 

2 Decide what kind of model you hope to be. Technically, anybody can be a model. However, do remember that if you don't meet certain requirements, the work available to you will be incredibly limited, and you may have to compensate in other departments (reliability, technique, etc).

  • A Plus Size Model: If your body is full and curvaceous, you may be able to be a plus size model (for example, Crystal Renn). 
  • A Runway Model: Most women on the catwalk are at least 5'9, and commonly small-breasted. Men are mostly between 5'11 and 6'2. This does not quite fully pertain to Victoria's Secret models. 
  • A Print Model: Most editorial female models are at least 5'7, but a beautiful face with great personality are really important for print models. 
  • An Underwear Model: For women, this requires large breasts but small hips. For men this requires broad shoulders but slim waists. 
  • A Promotional Model: Some companies want their customer base to interact directly with models who are generally attractive with like-able personalities to promote their brand. You may see these models in grocery stores, events or clubs promoting things like food, liquor brands or new products. 
  • A Spokesmodel: Models who are hired to be consistently associated with a specific brand. Contrary to popular thought models don't always have to verbally promote the brand. 
  • A Trade Show Model: Hired by companies or brands to advertise to attendees at a trade show tent or booth. Typically not employed by the company but hired as "freelance" models for the event. (Ex. Magic Market Week in Las Vegas NV) 
  • Other Types of Modeling: If you don't fit any of the face or body descriptions, perhaps you can be a foot, hair, or hand model. There's also the option of being an alternative model. 
  • Consider your "look". There is more of a curvy California look, a svelte and sophisticated New York look, a waif-like European look, girl next door, swimsuit or lingerie (usually requires the bust to fill out the suits and a very thin waist). Know what you're equipped with, but also work to pull off other looks.

    Educate yourself. There is a lot you can learn from reading books and articles on modeling. Reading quality guides, articles, and books will both help you to improve important skills (like posing) and to better understand how the industry works (how to find an agent, etc.).

  • Realize that it's tough. The modeling world is jam-packed with pretty faces. Just because you are good looking does not mean that you can succeed as a model. In the modeling business, it is not just about looking great. You have to fit the need of specific jobs just in order to get a chance. Modeling is only for serious people who carry unique looks and characteristics. Since there are so many people trying to become models in today's world, it's very challenging to get a breakthrough and will only come with patience and perseverance.
  • Realize that a model does not always have to look like a supermodel. With a lot of effort, however, you may reach that supermodel status. One of the most important things to remember is to never be shy and don't apologize if you mess up! Yes, some models tend to act "stuck-up" and "overly confident" but as long as that makes you feel good, go ahead! Be yourself, and remember to act. Modeling requires a lot of acting skills so acquire a little attitude.


Take some snapshots. This doesn't mean candid shots of you and your friends, but rather shots of you up close without a lot of makeup and on a plain background. You should shoot them in nice natural light without a lot of distraction in the photos. These are meant for agencies to get a look at you in a raw state. Consider a head shot, a body shot, and profile shots.

Get some professional shots taken. Professional photography, even if it is expensive, will give you a better idea of what kind of look you give off. You may eventually need these photographs to snag an interview, so think of it as a worthwhile investment!
Get your favorite professional shots printed into 8x10s. Save these in case you are asked to leave a photograph anywhere before you have professional ones done.
If you've got enough of these photos, consider putting everything into a portfolio, or "book." Bring this portfolio with you to castings or to agencies.

Take and know your measurements and stats. These will help modeling agencies place you.

  • Basic measurements are height, weight, and shoe size.
  • Know your clothing measurements such as dress size, hip, waist, chest etc.
  • Know your own personal stats, such as hair color, eye color, skin tone etc.

Talk to Exel Model & Talent Agency. Almost every major city has multiple modeling agencies, and almost every agency has "open-calls" where they look at new talent.

  • Bring your snapshots and/or portfolio. They will often ask you to walk or pose for them. They may take a head shot or take your measurements as well. If they reject you, don't get disheartened; often an agency is looking for a diverse set of models, so you may just not fit their model lineup right now.
  • There are many problems presently with some modeling agencies. So many people don't know about the business and end up getting conned. No agency should be asking you for more than $20 when meeting you. The agency will charge you a commission when you model, but shouldn't get much up front. If they ask for hundreds of dollars beforehand, walk away. Don't take their offer.


1 Be truthful about your measurements. Don't say you're skinnier than you are just to get a shoot. Once there, the stylist will have problems and you will get found out. Word will get around and you could find yourself without a career!

Be professional, polite, and courteous. Remember that, even though you're not working in an office, you need to be professional. Treat the people you work with respectfully — you never know who they know or what sort of a recommendation they might give of you. Never look down on anyone. You may be a model, but that doesn't give you the right to be snooty, affected, or pompous.

  • Always turn up on time to any appointment or shoot. If you're late or rude, word soon gets around and then nobody will want to work with you.
  • Be organized. Models often get called off places at the last minute and have very busy days. You need to be on top of things if you want to succeed. Buying a day-to-day planner can really help.
  • Develop relationships with photographers. Not those kinds of relationships!Professional relationships. You help the photographer look great, and they will help you look great. It's a win-win situation, so be sure to treat photographers with respect.
  • Treat modeling like a real job. Girls that don't take it seriously have small chances of succeeding in their modeling career. Realize that it is harder than it appears and there's a lot of work behind all that glitz and glamour at fashion shows. Modeling is a full time occupation that requires constant attention. One week away from it and your career can be over. Understand that modeling has only a small window of opportunity, and even if you take a short break, you may never be able to return. Models can only work in the business for a maximum of 5 years. If you become famous inside of the business, it might be other wise.

Confirm whether or not there will be a make-up artist (MUA) on site for any work you are doing. Sometimes you are expected to bring certain things with you (such as base foundation) and if they don't have a makeup artist booked you need to prepare accordingly.

4 Be creative on shoots. Photographers want to see you pose in various works, work for the camera, and interact with the world around yourself. Runway coordinators want you to put attitude in your walk (or very specific emotion).

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Contacting An Agent or Casting Director?

11:13 PM.
Thirty minutes prior I arrived home. Pulled myself under my comfy down-duvet, keeping warm as my cat Dorie sleeps peacefully at my feet. Then from my nightstand comes the piercing rings of my phone. Dorie helicopters and bolts.
I look at the in-coming phone number; area code 718. The outer boroughs don’t have my home digits.  And my inner circle knows I won’t answer a call after 9.
Irritated, I pick up the receiver and quickly cradle it back to silence.
The phone rings.
Thrusting off the duvet I turn to the annoyance, see the same 718 intruder. I grab the receiver. “What?!”
“Hello,” a male voice responds. I couldn’t tell if the Eastern European flavor was phony or true. “Is this Paul Russell?”
“Yes,” I hiss.
“Great. I’m an actor and I’m responding to-”
“I don’t care,” I interrupt. “You’re calling my home, keeping me from sleep. Don’t call this number again.” I hang up.
I’m dumbfounded by the actor’s stupidity calling with business after business hours. How he got my home land-line, I don’t know. Maybe he assumes it’s my office line.  But where’s the logic in calling so late? What is he expecting? An assistant manning lines 24/7 to answer vampire-ish actors? Was he going to leave a message, thinking once I heard his inquiry I’d cease life and work crying out, “Holy hotcakes! An actor!! They’re so hard to find. I don’t know what he looks like, what he’s done but I need his brilliance before another director grabs him!”
My partner (the former talent agency owner) every Monday would share weekend messages left on his agency’s voice-mail from actors he didn’t know. Actors seeking representation. What the Daffy Duck are these nits thinking?! The agent will feverishly respond to a faceless voice and announce to fellow agents, “Stop work! I don’t know who this actor is but damn they should be our client pronto. They left an after-hours message for representation. That’sthe brilliance we need on our list!” (Sure. And the Kardashian Kollection is haute couture.)
Back to 718 Restus-interuptus.
The next morning (a Saturday) I’m deep in cleaning chore drudgery. My private line rings. I look at the number displayed. Mr. 718. Grabbing the receiver I offer a chilled, “What?”
“Hello is this Paul Russell?”
“I’m an actor-“
“I don’t care. I told you last night this was my home number. Don’t you think it’s a bit rude calling near midnight, push yourself, and then when I tell you you’re calling my home and ask that you not call again, you don’t listen? And here we are back where we were last night. Me sleep deprived and not climatic you’re the cause.”
BookMoreWork_TelseyQuoteHe apologizes. I ask where he got my number. He gives the name of a less-than-reputable trade.
And it’s not just journeymen actors being obtuse intruders. As I wrote in ACTING: Make It Your Business, a celeb called my home on a Christmas Eve to push himself for a project. As I stood nude, dripping wet from my disturbed shower, the former TV heart throb offered to fax his award nominations to me then and there.
If ever…you’re foolishly tempted to leave an after-hours, first approach, voice-mail regarding submitting yourself for general casting or seeking representation heed this long standing advisory: “Don’t call us. We’ll call you.”
Stalwartly disagree? Let’s put this in the real world perspective. When seeking a civilian job would you ring an HR director or employer after-hours to leave a voice-mail, “Hi, I’m unemployed. Seeking a job. Call me maybe.” If you have or would, share with the rest of the class the drugs keeping you floating in a perpetual air of ignorant bliss for ineffective, passive-aggressive, job seeking skills.
My Best,

Paul Russell’s career as a casting director, director, acting teacher and former actor has spanned nearly thirty years. He has worked on projects for major film studios, television networks, and Broadway. Paul has taught the business of acting and audition technique at NYU and has spoken at universities including Yale, Temple and the University of the Arts. He is the author of ACTING: Make It Your Business – How to Avoid Mistakes and Achieve Success as a Working ActorFor more information, please visit

Saturday, May 3, 2014

7th Annual Memorial Weekend Company Camping Trip

(crooked creek)

Join Sold Out Ent. and Exel Mgt on our 7th annual camping trip!

May 22nd -26th (or you can come up for one day, etc...)
$10 per night per lot- 2 tents max per lot

We always throw in together to buy food to grill (there is a store close by)

Permission slip required for under 18 (Click To Download Permission Slip)

Boating (if you have a boat)
Fishing (bring your own pole... Fishing licenses can be purchased at Walmart...or you can fish with no license on Memorial Day)

PAHA Rodeo/Barrel Racing (2min down the road...lots of fun to watch)

Tent (although many of us have room in ours) - Alan Lee can take up to 4 more people in his tent (let me know in advance...1st come 1st serve -
Sleeping bag/blanket
food money
Fishing Pole (if you want to fish...sometimes we have extras)

There is a bathroom,

Family Friendly environment, all ages welcome.

RSVP as soon as you can so we can reserve the lots.

To RSVP call or txt Alan Lee ASAP (its never too late but the earlier we know the better)