Monday, August 16, 2010

Open Casting | Paid Roles

From Jessica Moore

I would like to inform you of an open casting for an upcoming project.
We will be filming from September 7th until the 17th, and though every
will not need to be there every one of those days, we will not have a
shooting schedule until about 1 week prior... So we are looking for
actors that have a flexible schedule.

Each actor will be paid $100 per day. The shoots will average about 4

The project will be a fun one and this will be an excellent opportunity
to show off your flexibility as an actor. We will be recreating iconic
movie scenes and need to find a variety of looks and types for the
roles. You will be provided with more information and we will be able to
answer any questions you might have at the casting on Thursday.

(except for kids) Please come prepared with a 2min (or less) monologue
that showcases your strengths as an actor. You will be provided with
sides from the project when you arrive.

The casting will be this Thursday, August 19th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at
our studio downtown: 

209 9th street - 8th Floor

Pittsburgh, Pa


This is an open casting for 3 male lead roles (able to play 20's /
30's). 3 female lead roles (able to play 20's / 30's). And two male
child actors (7-12 years old). Please email with any questions. Thanks!

Jessica Moore

"Move Forward To Where YOU Want To Be"

Exel Management
Pittsburgh & Chicago