Friday, August 27, 2010

FAQ For Abduction

1)What time do I have to be there?
Not everyone has the same call time, arrive when you were told, and
always check to see if you got your time changed in an email.

2) Can I be in it if under 18?
No. Sorry, and if you got a confirmation email by ACCIDENT and are
under 18, please disregard it.

3) Can I meet the main actors?
...Seriously? Do I even need to answer why this shouldn't even be

4) Am I paid as an extra?

5) Can I just come down if I didn't get a confirmation email?
You need to be confirmed before arriving...please check our blog,
and the FB Abduction Extras page for any info or last minute changes.

6) How many hours will I be on set?
As many as needed, typically a minimum of 12hrs.

7) Is the main star going to be there?
Does it matter if they are or not? You signed up to be in the movie
and that's what is needed, so come & "smile for the camera" its your
time to shine!

8) Can I get peoples autographs?
You may sign your own autographs all you want, but its not proper to
ask others for theirs.

9) Is walt Single?
Huh? What? Um....?

10) Is it fun to be an extra?
Its always fun when around fun people! The experience is what you
make of it, and just remember that you're there to do a it, and
you'll have tons of fun!

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