Friday, August 13, 2010

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His Place Casting
Posted on August 10, 2010 by His Place Creative Team

The His Place program is launching again. His Place has always had a
unique blend of music, interview, and drama. It is truly a challenge to
bring the program back to meet and exceed everyone's expectation, but
more importantly, to understand the Lord's heartbeat for reaching a
different audience than our regular viewership. We want to not only
reach them but challenge their thinking and worldview. To meet the need,
we will need a quality and unique team.

Our greatest need at this stage is for quality men and women who have a
heart for using drama to change the world. We will be recording the His
Place program on Tuesday evenings and are looking for actors with a
heart for the Lord and are available on Tuesday evenings. Our needs are
for actors that will have a one-time appearance, occasional acting, or
more frequent roles. We are looking for young, old, male, female and all

His Place is set and filmed in Pittsburgh, PA.

To submit your information go to:

"Move Forward To Where YOU Want To Be"

Exel Management
Pittsburgh & Chicago