Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Casting Call - Actors & Crew

Casting Call - Actors
"Principles, Doubles, Stand-Ins, Extras"
Yes Girl 2 is looking for all types of roles. Please read below and follow instructions on how to audition.

(watch Yes Girl 1 trailer)

The critically acclaimed Yes Girl: The Movie, brought to life by Silvercase Productions returns with an action packed, suspensful and riviting sequel.
The second stage in the plan is ready to be set.
But this time there's more to do, more to take and more to risk. Calling in all of his connections, Chestnut (Alan Lee) is planning what seems to be the most important thing he's ever done... And it just might kill him.

Fast paced, stunt filled sequences and high speed action will put you right in the middle of the action. The seats are comfortable, but you'll only need the edge

Yes Girl - Badass, cute & tough. (reference idea watch Transporter2)
4 Supporting Ladies - Badass & attractive.(ref. Michelle Rodriguez)
Mystery Man - Man in mid 40's, medium build
Tito Warez - Sleezy, arrogant & foreign look
Brant - Car dealership owner, Male, mid 30's, non-attractive, clumsy
3 Car Salesman - (ref. Chuck tv series, guys who work at BuyMore)
Stacey - Hot blonde bimbo type. early 20's
Monique - Black ghetto fabulous girl. Early 20's, Staceys friend.
Victor - Mechanic, sleezy, man in mid 20's
Bank Clerk - Woman heavy-set mid to late 30's, cheerful.
Auto Salon Customer - Black male mid 20's, ghetto.

Extras - All races, sizes, ages!

To audition for any of the Principle Roles listed above (more to come), please contact Exel Castings Dept. via email: and put the role you're auditioning for in the subject line. Auditions are being set up in late March 2010.
Casting Call - Crew
DP, Gaffers, Grips, Locations, PA's, AC's...

We are looking for the following positions to work crew over the 1.5 month filming schedule.
(we have many positions filled, but are looking for more crew until we have a big meet and greet end of March to figure out who would be best for this project)

DP - The DP is responsible to the director for achieving optimum image on film. Selects the camera and lighting equipment and supervises camera and lighting crews for each shot.
2 A.C.'s - Assistant To Camera's assist the DP in moving camera, setting up shots, dollys etc.
Gaffers - Chief electrician, responsible for setting up lights under the DP's direction.
Grips - Also called "hammer grip, "he moves everything on the set except lighting equipment and cables.
Locations - Responsible for organizng the each location, transporting people around locations.
Crane Operator - Operates camera crane.
Steady Cam Operator - Operates Steady Cam rigging.
Craft Services - Food services for cast and crew.
P.A.'s - Personal Assistants to different cast and crew.
Sound Tech. - Equalizing and transfer of dialogue.
Boom Operator - Holds and controls the Boom Mic.
Weapons Specialist - Licensed weapons specialist for stunts and movies.
Explosions Specialist - Licensed bomb and explosions specialist for movies and stunts.
Production Manager - Handles office work, phone calls, on-site organization.
Line Producer - Keeps track of budget expenses

Executive Producers - Financial Backers

To apply for any of the Crew Positions listed above (more to come), please contact Exel Castings Dept. via email: and put the Position you're applying for in the subject line. No exp. NEEDED for many positions. Please include any exp. you DO have in the email.

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